dinsdag, juli 05, 2005

Simple Minds: Black & White 050505 !

De koorts begint te stijgen! Het is dus officieel! Op 12 september komt eindelijk de nieuwe Simple Minds CD uit: "Black & White 050505". De eerste single, "Home", verschijnt op 5 september.

"Sanctuary Records
are pleased to announce the worldwide signing of Simple Minds. The band will release their first album on the Sanctuary Record label in the UK and rest of Europe on Monday September 12 (US release date- September 13). Entitled "Black & White 050505", the album is being hailed as a return to form to their classic atmospheric albums - 1982's "New Gold Dream" and 1984's "Sparkle In The Rain". " The first single taken from the album, "Home", is released September 5th. "

Meer info: www.sparkle.be

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